Busyrails is a project that provides a framework for e-business infrastructure in a hosted environment. The goal is to provide services usefull to small retailers which enables them to participate in e-business. By e-business we do not mean a website with an on-line catalog of which there are plenty of examples, but a truly integrated business system, meant to operate over the internet in a distributed environment. A webinterface with on-line catalog is part of the solution, but it is merely an entry to the e-business infrastructure we are planning to provide.

BusyRails should put your "e"-business on rails in no-time.


Busyrails has been started on 22 feb 2006, so we are not there yet. A first release is planned in june 2007.


Technologies we are planning to use are:

  • Java
  • Spring framework
  • JSF (MyFaces)
  • Webservices (Axis)
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL

First implementation steps

We will design our solution using standard UML diagrams and will document all stages in the evolution of the framework.

First high-level use-cases that will be implemented are:

  • shop registration
  • customer registration
  • catalog maintenance
  • on-line order process

Suggestions and comments are welcome.


read this document to set-up your workspace in eclipse:

developer introduction.pdf Logo